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Why Is My Pool Cloudy?

A Cloudy pool is not what you had in mind when thinking about the joys of owning a Pool.. Cloudy Pool  is often a result of the pool just needing a boost in the chlorine level, this is an easy fix,  just add the appropriate amount of shock for the size of your pool (usually a couple pounds will do the trick if there’s not algae present).

A Cloudy Pool could also mean the pH level is too high – adjust accordingly.  Also check the TDS levels as the water may be saturated.  If so I’d recommend a pool drain.  I’d also try adding a clarifier – this can be very effective also.

When selecting a Pool Service to maintain your pool, Cloudy Pool should not be an issue again as every week Chlorine levels, PH levels, TDS Levels are tested and Clarifier is added as needed.

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